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Splendid Isolation

by admin - 23:08 on 13 August 2011

The resident moggy's celebrations began early today – the ex-mouse left on the living room carpet by our semi-retired hunter suggested that this was a day she planned to enjoy.

And the reason? Our neighbours the Montague family moved out today, taking with them the bane of Bess's life, Romeo the black-and-white bully.

Being a contrary cat, I won't be surprised if by the end of next week she's mooching around outside the empty steading, looking for someone to chase her, but until then she can make the most of having the entire neighbourhood to herself. Apart from pine martens and any wandering hedgehogs.


Romeo – he's bothered Bess for the last time

There appears to be little buyer interest in the steading and the big house that comprise our only neighbours; as both are now unoccupied this means Matchgirl and I will be able to enjoy peace and quiet for the foreseeable future.

That future will be an exhausting one for Matchgirl. Her plans to be part of a three-woman team in next year's Mongol Rally were abandoned after one of her team-mates found herself pregnant, so in a quest for alternative excitement she's signed up for the Loch Ness 10k which coincides with her birthday in October.

Training, which involves at least three runs each week for the next six weeks, has already begun. Rather her than me.

Book Update: In our never-ending quest to find new places to sell The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery, James and I took over a table outside the Rosemarkie Beach Cafe this afternoon in the hope of attracting tourists to samples wares that also include prints and cards.


The Spitfire, snapped at last year's event

As it turned out, the tourists all had better things to do but there are worse places to be on a sunny Saturday that sat outside a cafe, gazing across Moray Firth at the Spitfire and Messerschmitt doing battle above Fort George.

Our consolation was that book sales through established outlets continue so well that by the end of next week we'll be able to pay ourselves our first dividend, albeit at the risk of endangering our amateur status.

The knowledge that our respective spouses were both mowing lawns while we idled away the afternoon was a bonus.

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