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A Bit of a Pain

by admin - 23:35 on 09 August 2011

It can't be coincidence that my first day back at GNoME HQ yesterday ended with such a bad headache I was forced into bed when I returned to The Rural Retreat. Matchgirl was most concerned.

Life was fine this morning, but within hours of setting foot inside GNoME the nausea was back. This is unlikely to be a work allergy, for symptoms would have appeared long ago, so my guess is an ocular debilitation – years of staring at a computer screen may have finally caught up with me.

Fortunately, Mr Optician has a free half-hour tomorrow in which I can take a long-overdue sight test. If my diagnosis is correct, and I need my first pair of reading glasses, I might discover that some of my snaps aren't as unsharp as I thought.

Or they might look worse. Time will tell.

Renovations Update: Mr Painter is close to the finish of his tasks. Another day or two should be all he needs, although if the weather forecast is accurate he might not get them until next week.

Bess will be sad to see him go. The usually stand-offish moggy has found such great entertainment in his activities that on occasion she's followed him around the garden.

Book Update: House of Aigas has declined the opportunity to stock The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery. The venue that charges up to £1,500 per person for a week's stay believes the £19.95 book is too expensive for its well-heeled guests. Amazing.

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