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It's Alive!

by admin - 22:51 on 07 August 2011

The Black Isle is noted as fine agricultural land with fertile soil. Around The Rural Retreat, that fertility must be in the air too.

That would explain why the chopped-up willow branches stacked up outside the cottage for the past few weeks have burst into leaf – new growth has appeared from at least half the logs. Recent rain, through which a heavily waterproofed Richard departed the Retreat this morning, will have played a part too.

It will be interesting to see how much greenery emerges from the timber stack. If it keeps growing we may not have to get the cottage re-rendered after all.

More unexpected growth has occurred in another place: beneath the bird feeder near the sitting room window. Since multiple yellow flowers began to bloom atop the mystery, huge-leafed triffid that's taken root there, a tentative identification has been made. We believe it's a sunflower, grown from seed spilled by careless sparrows.

Progress there will also be watched with interest.

Book Update: Sales of The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery at the Black Isle Show have now been revealed by our subcontractor, Frank Nicol. At an event visited by more than 25,000 people, the number of copies sold was zero. The people who warned us that books don't move at the show have been proved right.

Are we downhearted? Only slightly – we know our book's good and a further order yesterday by The Emporium in Cromarty confirmed it. We'll just have to wait a little longer until sales reach the four-figure mark.

Comment from Nick at 11:33 on 09 August 2011.
Your "sunflower" may be a Ligularia (dentata) especially if it has bronze/reddish stems ... and then again maybe not!

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