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A Growing Harem

by admin - 23:23 on 14 April 2011

Life continues to be good for Shrek. This morning he was surrounded by five lady pheasants, all of whom seemed happy in his company. The late lamented Mr Pheasant never had more than four in his harem.

Matchgirl is convinced that the garden will soon be overrun by pheasant chicks. If it ever is, Bess and Romeo will be delighted.

Bess is not short of small scurrying things to keep her on her toes. She can often be found gazing between the stairs into the mound of wellies, junk and bike gear kept beneath them, and where we suspect mice party at night.

A clear-out will be undertaken soon, when the bike is ready to go back on the road and leathers and waterproofs are needed again. Whether they'll be fit to wear is another matter.

Book Update: We've been given a definite arrival date for the next batch of The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery (unless it changes in the meantime).

Norman tells us that the pages are in Wakefield today, should be bound on Monday and the books dispatched on Tuesday to arrive in Dingwall on Wednesday. So if you're still waiting for yours, you might have it by the weekend.

Comment from Soo Turner at 17:55 on 15 April 2011.
I hope our copy is waiting for us when we get up there, money in hand ready to hand over in exchange for this magnificent photographic work of art. Signed of course by all three authors!
I intend to show it to everybody I know in the hope of boosting more sales for you.
Comment from Russell at 22:55 on 15 April 2011.
It will be. I hope you can curb your impatience for two more weeks.

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