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A Welcome Visitor

by admin - 23:08 on 03 April 2011

Several days had passed since marten activity had been observed in the garden of The Rural Retreat. Someone still came – all our nourishing gifts were gone by morning – but only when Matchgirl and I were tucked up in bed.

However, a bedraggled visitor was seen around 10.45 tonight, first by Bess on guard in the window, then by the human residents. I couldn't distinguish who it was, but my guess is Mystery Marten, who seems to have made the garden her own.

After guzzling a large helping of nuts, raisins and peanut butter she jumped down from the windowsill and on to the gate, where Nutella awaited her, but just before she was in a position for me to see her bib properly, and make an identification, something spooked her and she was away at high speed. Most frustrating

Whether her later visiting times are weather-related, or down to Romeo's nightly rambles, is difficult to say. It might even be that a new generation has disrupted mum's routine. Time will tell.

I'll soon have another set of martens to care for. In less than a week Marten James and his bride to-be-will become man and wife and fly to Borneo for their honeymoon, leaving me in charge of his secret camera trap site. Food must still be served even if no snaps are being snapped.

If there's any justice I'll capture an ace picture in his absence, just as he did when left alone in the Retreat a while back – it's about time I snapped more than birds and cats, although I've not even done much of that lately. Maybe tomorrow, if there's a break in the rain.

What I did do today was collect the takings from two more sold-out stockists of The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery, one of which has opened a waiting list for prospective readers. As have several others. Most gratifying. At this rate we might have to order the third print run before we receive the second.

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