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Super Snaps

by admin - 22:18 on 06 September 2010

The 20th Scottish Nature Photography Fair was held yesterday at the SNH Centre at Battleby, just north of Perth. The images on display proved that most of us have a cheek to even consider ourselves wildlife or landscape photographers.

But they also prove what can be achieved with skill, talent, a good eye, huge amounts of perseverance, and sometimes a little luck.

Illustrated talks were given by Niall Benvie, Ian Cameron, Fergus Gill, Alex Mustard and Danny Green. Wow.

Dolphin James was bowled over by Danny Green's work but my favourite was Fergus, who's so sickeningly young he's only just about to go to university. On the bright side, he's been a serious photographer three times longer than I have, so there's still hope.

A few days back I received from the RPS Nature Group a CD-ROM, designed to help aspirants to an associateship, which featured snaps taken by successful applicants. There was no comparison.

A Timeless Scene

So I won't even try to compete today. The snap above, taken yesterday, is my way of showing that the Black Isle's agricultural heritage goes back a long way. The one below, specially for James, is my homage to Niall Benvie. What a joker.


Broadband Update: We didn't have to wait too long this morning before the man from BT arrived. When he left, having replaced the external line to The Rural Retreat, we no longer had a crackly phone and the broadband speed had increased from 350kps to an undreamed of 5Mbps. We're fully part of the digital age at last.

Comment from James at 07:39 on 07 September 2010.
It was a great show with some amazing images that I can only dream of.
Loving the Squirrel work, I bet NB would be too!
Comment from Patrick at 19:29 on 07 September 2010.
Battleby SNH Centre - went there once (good few years ago now) for a course on something or other. Remember the place well. Excellent food dished up on that occasion.

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