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Living in the Past

by admin - 19:00 on 30 August 2010

I could have taken advantage of today's fine weather to give the sorely neglected Kawasaki San a long run out, or put the Pentax to good use. Instead, I spent it indoors, staring at a computer screen. The Chief Gnome would be impressed.

I wasn't gaming or shopping or browsing dodgy websites – I was hard at work putting together what will be my first book created through Blurb.

It is, I confess, a trial run for production of the forthcoming Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery, but for a while now I've intended to combine the honeymoon blog and pictures in a not-for-sale photo book just for me and Matchgirl.

Work on The Great African Adventure began yesterday evening (time can hang heavy when Matchgirl's in Shetland) and continued through much of today until I had seventy-six finely crafted pages, plus front and back covers, ready to upload to Blurb HQ.

They were sent around 4.30 this afternoon; within a minute I received a message from an automated goblin which informed me that my PDFs were not of the required type. Rats.

It's my own fault for using ten-year-old technology. QuarkXPress 4.1 suits me fine, but as the latest version is 8, and Adobe InDesign is the favoured page make-up program anyway, I knew I was living dangerously.

An email to the self-styled Blurberati produced no help – the techno geeks clearly find it difficult to understand why everyone doesn't have the latest software.

However I refuse to be defeated. I've begun to convert my PDFs into a format which can be used by Blurb's own software to create our honeymoon souvenir. Happy days.


Moggy Update: Bess has enjoyed Matchgirl's absence, for she has uninterrupted access to the sofa. Cats like to be comfortable.

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