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Examining the Auspices

by admin - 22:58 on 16 August 2010

Mr Ford returned to RM Motors this morning from where, later in the day, he was sent to a neighbouring establishment that had the gear to examine his digital entrails and find out what  caused the engine management light to shine.

“It's the EGR valve,” I was told by mechanic Richard. “It's in the exhaust,” he continued, having interpreted my blank look correctly. “Cars didn't used to have them and got by fine,” he added, with a shrug of the shoulders.

He didn't go into details about EGR valves, for which I was grateful. I presume it stands for Engineers Get Rich.

Fortunately, this time they didn't. Mr Ford's warning light was reset and so far hasn't come on again. If it does, the valve may need to be cleaned out. No doubt at vast expense.


I was spared the gloom of GNoME HQ today but still spent much of it in front of a computer. My time was productive, however. I learned how to change colour through Photoshop trickery – the distracting magenta shirt behind the dancers has now gone – then got around to printing my entries for the BBC Countryfile photo competition.

Two pine martens, a squirrel and a robin will fly the flag for The Rural Retreat. I'd hoped to enter Prescott but withdrew him at the last minute because of sharpness issues. The £1,000 first prize would be welcome but I suspect a stuffed owl or a stunt wolf might beat me to it.

The Scottish Natural Heritage exhibition that includes Master Marten opens in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Afterwards, I've learned, the exhibition will tour “key venues in Scotland during autumn and winter 2010 and throughout 2011”. Where these venues are appears to be a closely guarded SNH secret.

Moggy Updates:
Spider has settled in well back at her former home, we were told today. This was good news; Matchgirl has fretted.

Bess allowed us to lie in this morning, her yowls not beginning until after 8am and inextricably linked to the expired rodent on the lawn. Master Marten (now, alas, once more The Invisible Pine Marten) will eat well tonight.

Comment from Dee at 10:33 on 17 August 2010.
Good luck R with the competition... I think your photos are fab!
Comment from Russell at 19:04 on 17 August 2010.
You smooth talker...

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