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An Off-Road Experience

by admin - 23:50 on 14 August 2010

The dedicated snapper has to suffer for his art, but that was little consolation while I waited for the RAC's nominated local representative to pull Mr Ford out of the ditch.

I'd left The Rural Retreat half an hour earlier to do my civic duty by helping fill the local recycling skips, after which I took a couple of back roads to reach a spot I'd noticed a few days ago that might be worth a snap. Indecision – and clumsiness – was my undoing.

When I reached the viewpoint the sky was solid grey and the light dull. Not worth stopping, I thought, started to drive past, changed my mind, reversed to a safer stopping place and ended up with the nearside wheels in a ditch well disguised by thick grass. Bother (as I didn't say).


Matchgirl would have sped to my aid, but as I'd neglected to pick up my mobile before leaving the cottage I had a two-mile walk to get back there. At least it was downhill. An hour later she drove me back to meet the man with the tow-truck who took approximately five minutes to get Mr Ford back on the tarmac. He didn't even smirk.

The weather had improved, so I got a couple of snaps after all, although I don't think they were worth the drama.

Mr Ford appeared undamaged, but it may be fortuitous that he returns to RM Motors next week (just days after passing his MOT) for the cause of the orange engine warning light to be diagnosed. There's always something.


Moggy Update: This morning, Bess entered our bedroom – and yowled loudly – for the first time since Spider entered the cottage and only three days after she left it. She's been seen more inside the Retreat, too. It seems she's almost out of her sulk; feline life will soon be back to normal.

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