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Last Cat Standing

by admin - 23:29 on 11 August 2010

Today was a red letter day for Bess – Spider moved out after Matchgirl and I admitted defeat in our attempt to integrate the incomer into The Rural Retreat.

This was a wrench, for Spider was friendly, affectionate and full of energy – she'll be missed. But Bess had taken to sulking in the garden for increasingly long periods and there was no indication that things would change.


Her former owner collected the departing guest early this evening. Assurances were given that a radical rethink of pet arrangements mean Spider will live a contented life, free from the bullying that drove her away in the first place.

A moist-eyed Matchgirl, however, spent the evening consumed by guilt, concerned that Spider is pining for the indulged existence she'd become accustomed to since coming to stay at the end of May.

Cats are cats; she's probably forgotten us already.

It might take a while before Bess realises she's the undisputed resident moggy. She spent a little more time indoors this evening, during which she looked around, as though trying to work out what was different, but she soon clamoured to be let out. We'll know she understands what's happened when she ventures upstairs again.

Snappery Update: The SNH photo contest winner has been named, and it's not Master Marten. Top prize went to a barn owl whose owner has blocked its blogability, so you'll have to view it directly, here.

It looks to me suspiciously like a stunt owl who poses professionally in studios and accepts blood diamonds from foreign despots. Shouldn't be allowed. Not that I'm jealous, of course...

Comment from James at 09:00 on 12 August 2010.
Poor Spider but I am sure she'll be fine.

I agree re the owl, and your marten and Cat's salmon and otter, it's a conspiracy I tell you! I will be writing a strongly worded e-mail to the department of stuffed animals!

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