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The Couple on the Gatepost

by admin - 23:26 on 28 July 2010

Prescott, the common lizard who suns himself on the gatepost at the bottom of the drive, has a mate.

The pair, snoozing together in a yin and yang-type tangle, were seen this afternoon by Matchgirl who was so excited by the scene she ran inside The Rural Retreat to get her camera. Of course, one lizard had already gone by the time she got back and the second didn't hang about when it spotted her.

I learned the latest wildlife news when I remarked on Prescott's presence after returning home from GNoME HQ, so I hurried back to the gatepost with the Pentax and fingers crossed (which doesn't make snappery any easier).

Prescott (or possibly Mrs Prescott) was still there but flung himself off the post and into the undergrowth before I even had a chance to point the camera. I'll persevere – a portrait of Mr and Mrs Prescott could be my National Geographic cover.

Master Marten made only a short visit tonight; Bess, after putting the evil eye on Spider, turned it in his direction.

The visitor was clearly made uncomfortable by the unmoving moggy who stared at him from the far side of the garden, so after a small helping of Nutella he picked up a mouthful of nuts and retired to the bushes to eat them in peace.

Hunger – or easy pickings - prevailed. A minute later he sneaked back, glared at Bess, picked up his egg and disappeared for the night.

This was a shame. Last year, no martens were seen in daylight after July. If the same happens this year, opportunities for marten snappery are running out fast. It may be that only days are left before The Return of the Invisible Pine Marten.

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