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A Hive of Activity

by admin - 23:28 on 02 July 2010

Spider, who spent most of her life as an indoor cat before finding a new home in The Rural Retreat, has worked out what the cat-flap is for. Matchgirl is horrified.

The adventurous puss made her first solo exit this evening, followed ten seconds later by a cautious carer who chivvied her back inside, fearful of the harm that could befall an innocent abroad.

Two minutes later, Spider dived through the cat-flap again. The great outdoors was too great to resist.

This time she was allowed to wander alone while Matchgirl waited anxiously by the door and listed all the evils that an elderly and naive cat could encounter in a neighbourhood even as peaceful as ours.

Spider returned unmolested after ten minutes, the attractions of the great outdoors coming a poor second to those of her food bowl.

Marten 61

Master Marten – it's good to see him again

There must be something about the garden today that's of particular interest for it's been as busy as Princes Street in August. Bess spent a good part of her day there, sleeping in the sun, and shortly after Spider came back indoors an old friend was seen on the gate – Master Marten.

This was his first visit (to our knowledge) for more than two weeks, but he set about the marten treats as though he'd never been away and even took a mouthful from the buttercup patch on his way home.

Marten 62

He was followed, in light too poor for snappery, by the Mystery Moggy who licked up all the Nutella he'd left, then did the same with the honey. This cat clearly has a sweet tooth. The nuts were pushed off the gate and ignored.

I replenished the sustenance, just in time for the next visitor – Miss Marten, eager for her share of the Nutella jar and the nut bowl. Another trip to Tesco will be required soon.


The garden's lawn, which has been allowed to grow a little shaggy, currently supports a fine crop of clover. Anyone in search of the UK's missing bee population would have found a good proportion buzzing around the pollen-packed flower heads this morning. All living creatures can take sanctuary in the grounds of The Rural Retreat (apart from Romeo, until he learns to behave).

The only thing missing was the lizard, who's not been seen today. Perhaps he (or she) heard that Matchgirl's named him Prescott, after the former deputy PM. She claims to see a resemblance. Take a look at the reptile's portrait in yesterday's blog to see if you agree with her.

Comment from Lizzie at 22:05 on 08 July 2010.
You know, she has a point! Prescott seems very appropriate.

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