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Food Amongst the Buttercups

by admin - 22:53 on 29 June 2010

Miss Marten has found the food hidden amongst the buttercups. Much of it disappeared overnight, but it was only when Matchgirl and I saw her return to a replenished supply tonight that we knew for certain that she, rather than a hungry hedgehog, had enjoyed the freebies.

I'll give her a few days to grow used to the new dining area before I move the gate again and, with luck, open up a new series of photo opportunities.

If tonight's snap of the visitor shows her with a quizzical expression, that's because she's looking at the door where a moggy too lazy to use the cat-flap is clamouring to be let in. Not out of fear, you understand, but because she's late for her supper.

Marten 58

It was shortly after this snap was taken that Miss Marten jumped off the gate and made her way to the buttercups, and shortly after that that soft-hearted Matchgirl opened the door to allow Bess inside. This didn't scare Miss Marten, but she left anyway, at a stroll to prove her unbotheredness. She's way ahead in the cool competition.

More wildlife of note was seen today on the gatepost at the bottom of the drive – a common lizard, spotted in the same place I'd seen one last year. Whether it's the same individual I couldn't say, being ignorant of lizard longevity.

I didn't have the Pentax with me, as I was escorting Bess on an impromptu walk up the lane alongside The Rural Retreat, so I was unable to better last year's not-quite-satisfactory snap. When I returned with the camera the reptile had gone. I'll keep watch for other chances.

Mystery Reptile

Last year's lizard, not quite sharp on the nose. I hope to get a better shot soon.

Comment from James at 21:42 on 30 June 2010.

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