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Jealousy and a Cruel Trick

by admin - 22:44 on 12 June 2010

Dolphin James played a cruel trick on me today.

"Come to Chanonry Point tomorrow," he urged yesterday evening. "The tide will be low and the dolphins active."

So at 8am, and for the next two hours, I shivered in the bitter wind that sweeps across the Point most days to see little more than occasional fins and tails and not take a single snap worth keeping.

In my absence, Master Marten scoffed Nutella in half-decent light. DJ is so jealous of my snaps that he's resorted to underhand methods to stop me taking any more. The cad.

Master Marten is complicit in these double dealings, for he failed to show until 9.15 tonight when I had to resort to high ISO to capture his likeness.

Marten 34

As usual, at the end of his meal he scurried away with his egg; unusually, he returned five minutes later – eggless – to check for any overlooked scraps of Nutella then retire for good. (He ignored The Nutella Tree, though. He must think climbing trees is a breakfast activity.)

This prompts several questions: Does he live close by? Or keep his eggy stash close by? Or simply prefer to eat his egg in the seclusion of the bushes? A hunt may soon be staged for tell-tale eggshells.

Comment from James at 07:55 on 13 June 2010.
Guilty as charged! Sorry.
Comment from Tim at 08:48 on 13 June 2010.
A challenge - to get a pic of Mr Marten next to my inflatable dolphin. Maybe smearing it Nutella would help - but what James gets up to is bedroom his business.....
I'll bring said dolphin up with me in Aug.
Great pics as always btw.
Comment from Russell at 11:45 on 13 June 2010.
We could give it a go, but if MM savages the dolphin I won't be held responsible.

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