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An Embarrassment of Martens

by admin - 21:51 on 10 June 2010

It's an ill wind, as they say, whoever they are. If Adam hadn't been sent away on business at short notice the band would have been in action tonight and I'd have missed Master Marten, who arrived just after 7pm for his twice-daily Nutella fix.

The light was great, I'm finally getting to grips with the right combination of ISO and aperture, and the result was a couple of good, sharp snaps and more great marten poses. Soo and Tony will be gnashing their teeth in frustration that they won't be up here until next month, and Dolphin James might regret turning down dinner and marten-watching.

Pine martens, I've discovered, have something in common with cats – they don't like making a fool of themselves.

Marten 31

Master Marten had hoovered up most of the Nutella and was sauntering towards the final smear when he slipped and almost fell from the top bar of the gate. He caught himself in time, looked up at me with an expression that said "You didn't see that, did you?", jumped to the ground and departed at speed.

He left behind the last licks of Nutella but was not so discomposed that he didn't remember to pick up his egg on the way.

Marten 33

He doesn't mind making a fool of me, though. The day after I wrote that he now climbed The Nutella Tree only after dark, there he was at 8.30 this morning, looking for a late breakfast despite the disapproval of the birds who fled from the nearby apple tree.

It was they who alerted me to his unexpected presence. As the tree was bare of sweet treats (I'd checked ten minutes earlier when I refilled the bird feeders) he didn't stay long so I had only a very brief opportunity for snappery, most of which was embarrassingly blurry.

Marten 28

Two were almost OK, one of which can be seen here. The other can be found on Flickr along with other shots from this evening. I hope you're not getting bored with him – there could be many more to come.

Comment from Soo at 18:43 on 11 June 2010.
The photos are getting better all the time Russell.
We were just wondering what we are going to discover to photograph on this visit to compare with the pine martens?
Comment from Russell at 19:38 on 11 June 2010.
You could always visit the dolphins at Chanonry Point or look for badgers at Rosehaugh. Then there's the ospreys and kites, red squirrels, deer, otters... Or just the cats and sparrows. You'll find plenty!

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