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Martens and Bears

by admin - 23:04 on 02 June 2010

Master Marten made up for his absence with two visits today, the first of which I shared thanks to a noisy awakening by a famished Spider at around 5.30am.

After attending to her needs, and knowing I was unlikely to sleep again, I checked the garden gate and found it clear of Nutella – someone, as predicted, had come by after dark. I put out more sustenance and waited.

Marten 12

I was rewarded, half an hour later, by the sight of Master Marten, not in the slightest shy and also famished. He gobbled down his breakfast then bounded away in search of more, but neglected the chocolate treats in The Nutella Tree. Very strange.

He was back again this evening, just before nine, and not long after Dolphin James and his bride-to-be had departed following their briefing by Matchgirl on the cat-caring duties they'll perform while we're away this weekend. I forgot to mention pine marten and bird-feeding duties to them; I'm sure a jar of Nutella and a sack of bird seed in a prominent position will get the message across.

Marten 17

The snaps, frustratingly, are still not of print quality despite keeping ISO as low as possible, not pushing aperture and zoom to their limit and putting the Pentax's sharpness setting at max. Master Marten and his friends still refuse to visit in good light. Either that or my snappery skills need improving, which is more likely.

However, I captured several pleasing poses from the visitor, as you can see. More of today's snaps can be found on my Flickr site.

No doubt he'll perform tricks in the sunshine for James during my absence. Time will tell.

Marten 18

Today's other major excitement involved my extensive share portfolio and a stock exchange bear market. Investors are on tenterhooks while they wait for The Man From Del Monte to say "Yes" with regard to the quality and quantity of the oil discovered in the Falklands.

Those jitters might explain why in two hours today the price of my best-performing shares dropped from 275p to 110p before finishing the day at 240p. Much ill-considered panic-selling took place, ensuring that someone in the city made a killing.

I stood firm. The Man's report will be out next week. I'll be an oil baron yet.

Comment from James at 16:33 on 03 June 2010.
Lovely marten shots. Let's hope for more of this on Friday evening!
Comment from Russell at 17:23 on 03 June 2010.
I'm sure there'll be no problem if you feed him!

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