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The Dish of the Day

by admin - 22:53 on 27 May 2010

Another Thursday, another band rehearsal cancelled. We really are cursed. The singer who was to audition couldn't make it because he'd broken down in Speyside, where work had taken him.

The silver lining was that I was home to see pine marten action for a second successive night. That's real compensation.

An increase in avian volume alerted Matchgirl to Master Marten's presence on the garden gate where Nutella was again the dish of the day. As yesterday, he was unconcerned by two fans gawping at him through the window, but opening the door to offer him peanuts was a step too far.

Marten 10

He may have been leaving anyway, for tonight's egg had already gone. There was, however, no sign of eggshell, which suggests two possibilities: he'd eaten the whole thing (Dolphin James will tell me if that's likely) or he'd come with a friend who carried it away.

Matchgirl is sure that tonight's marten was not the same as last night's. I'm not so certain – the tail is the same length (check out his set on my Flickr page) and the bib is inconclusive. A pair of youngsters would be great news, though.

Marten 9

Proper watch will be kept tomorrow, although that usually guarantees that no marten appears until after midnight when we can't see a thing and we're tucked up in bed anyway.

I'll persevere because I'm determined to get a good, sharp, low ISO snap to use as the centrepiece of my proposed ARPS panel. As Namibia featured heavily in my LRPS submission, my bright idea is to show that exotic travel is unnecessary by putting together a portfolio of pictures taken exclusively in the garden.

Tree Sparrow 6

Next weekend there's an RPS workshop in Edinburgh where aspiring Associates can take work in progress for the Serious Lenses to examine. I may return north much chastened.

Birds, you'll be unsurprised to learn, will make the bulk of my panel. Only one of today's snaps survived quality control, although it's unlikely to make the final fifteen.

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