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Restored To Full Health (For Now)

by Russell Turner - 15:07 on 05 June 2024

I’m pleased to report that my hurty back, victim of a sofa designed for hobbits, has returned to its default state: ie, weak, unmuscled and with little core strength to support it. But it’s not sore any more, so I can’t complain.

However, my RTTS training mileage has suffered greatly. Last May I completed three double run weekends of 25k, 30k and 35k and a single 35k long run, plus associated shorter distances. This May my longest weekend total was 18k; time on feet has not featured much in this training block. My final three long runs before the taper will be 20k(ish), 35k(ish) and 45k(ish).

Am I worried? Not hugely, thanks to my ignorance of what a run beyond 50k feels like. Optimism tells me that if I don’t hang around the pit stops too long, eat and drink enough, and just keep going, I’ll reach the end. Before midnight would be an achievement (around 16 hours, depending on my yet-to-be-revealed start time), but 18 hours might be more realistic. Or longer. The weather might play a part. And I’ve yet to practise running in the dark. Or tried out my new backpack.

Anyway, ace ultrarunner Susie Chan (and others) never runs beyond 20 miles (a mere 32k) when training for a 100-mile race. I’ll overlook the fact that she probably does it three times a week for several months before race day.

Matchgirl, also in training for RTTS, has posted several weeks of 40+ miles and plans a much more modest pace than me, which is why I fully expect her to overtake me during the second 50k. Hopefully I’ll be able to take advantage of her slipstream.

Seven London Marathon medals – who’d have thought it?

In further running news, my latest London Marathon medal arrived a couple of weeks ago, along with the race shirt – further proof that you never know what you can do until you try.

Comment from Cathy at 13:06 on 06 June 2024.
I’m half way thru Susie Chan’s book - it’s an excellent read.

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