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On The Home Straight

by Russell Turner - 21:13 on 12 September 2022

I wasn’t certain I’d make it, but I did – the longest training run of the London Marathon programme is done.

The weather yesterday was better (of course) but I wasn’t up to it thanks to a gig followed by a very sleep-disturbed night caused by a cat (Maia, of course) who hogged the bed and refused to move. I’m too soft.

So today was the big day. I was determined to cover 18 miles and hoped I might even reach 20, but after three hours and 20 minutes of slog in a cool wind with one brief shower I’d had enough. I could have continued for another 10mins or so (I’d set a 3:30 cut-off) but 19 miles would have been silly.

My plan was for three six-mile circuits at a 4:1 run/walk; after two I couldn’t face the big hill again – it’s a lot bigger the third time around – and made up the last few miles as I went along, finishing shattered but happy with the knowledge that the taper has now begun and I can ease off as The Big Day approaches.

Memory plays tricks. I don’t remember other 18-mile runs being so hard, although looking through my Garmin records it turns out I whimpered and whined about them too. The only longest run I didn’t moan too much about was the 20-miler which preceded my 4:37 PB triumph in the good old days of 2020. I must have got more sleep then when the band was unable to play.

‘Only’ 13 miles for next week’s long run, and eight the week after that. Hopefully that will allow my battered body time to regenerate. And if any cats try hogging the bed tonight they’ll be booted off. An athlete needs his rest.

Comment from Cathy at 08:23 on 13 September 2022.
You may (semi) jest, but your chronic lack of good quality sleep will certainly be playing a huge part, and will be making all your running much more difficult.
Comment from Russell at 09:25 on 13 September 2022.
Not even a semi jest. I've not had good sleep for a while, even without cats, and know it makes a difference. That seems to be the way it is.
Comment from Cathy at 17:47 on 13 September 2022.
Yeah, I also don’t sleep as well as I need to in order to run at my best. No cats - just up to the loo three times during the night. It’s the way it is - but yes, very frustrating.
Comment from Soo at 16:01 on 14 September 2022.
OMG, I am so glad I don't run, however, it sounds like I have all the right criteria for it. Chronic lack of good sleep, (for the last 15 years ), Up to the loo 3 or 4 times a night. Should I take up running? I can't even run to the loo...
I have very faith you will smash it on the day Russell, just keep telling yourself "I can do this". Xxxx
Comment from Russell at 22:37 on 14 September 2022.
You might have hidden athletic ability. 😄
Comment from Soo at 12:47 on 16 September 2022.
Very hidden!!!

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