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Humidity And A Silver Lining

by Russell Turner - 17:18 on 05 September 2022

It’s now officially less than four weeks until the London Marathon – three weeks and six days, to be precise. Week 13 of my much rearranged training plan began today, following last week’s latest long run failure and two late-finish gigs, with a 60min easy run. It should have been a mixed tempo/intervals session (which I’ll do tomorrow), and it should have been yesterday, but I needed another rest day. Besides, it was chucking it down.

Being able to take the extra day was the only silver lining in the news that the Foundry in Inverness has closed, taking away one of City Limits’ few decent pub gigs. Rising running costs are to blame. We were supposed to play there on Friday, the day after my next long run, but now I’ll do the run that day instead when I have another go at 18 miles. I’ll complete it, even if I have to walk the last five miles, for the psychological boost.

The forecast, of course, is warm, humid and rainy for Friday; Thursday is just the same minus some of the rain. I look forward to the autumnal cool, if it arrives in time.

Today was also warm and humid, which turned an easy 60mins into a sweaty epic, although I completed it in reasonable shape and at the pace I’d aimed for despite an enforced halt to rearrange underwear: it seems that Runderwear shorts and Under Armour boxers don’t match. The only other slow down was caused by an annoying podcast guest, and flicking to the next episode while running proved too much of a challenge.

London Marathon day on October 2 is also, I realised today, the fifth anniversary of receiving my ballot place for the 2018 race. Let’s hope that’s an auspicious date.

Comment from Soo at 12:10 on 06 September 2022.
Come on Russell, you know you can do this I have every faith in you running this marathon in a decent time, one you will be happy with. So stop whining and get on with it... You know I love you really
Comment from Russell at 14:05 on 06 September 2022.

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