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One Obstacle Too Many

by Russell Turner - 21:53 on 02 October 2021

Life can be unfair, continued…

A message from City Limits singer and axe hero Keith yesterday evening informed me that he’d also been feeling under the weather since Wednesday and that a home Covid test had proved positive. Results of a more accurate PCR test were on the way. This was a worrying development.

I took a home test, which proved negative, so held off from booking a PCR test until Keith got back to me, which he did this morning. Still positive. And, just like that, my Loch Ness Marathon was over before it began.

The rest of the morning was spent cancelling my coach to the start line, our B&B in Drumnadrochit, and our lunch date with Paul, Cathy and James. Instead of registration and a look around the marathon expo in Inverness I travelled to Dingwall for a PCR test. Results should be in within 48 hours. In the meantime, self-isolation has begun.

It’s not quite self-isolation, however, because Matchgirl is stuck with me. She has no symptoms but is understandably worried about developing some. Ironically, I feel almost fine. Maybe I’ll have a relapse if a positive test result lands.

My hopes of earning a marathon medal tomorrow have not been totally dashed – I still have my Virtual London Marathon place and plenty of empty roads and nearby forest tracks where I could cover some miles without meeting anyone. I’ll be taking no chances with my health, though. Rather than doing 26.2 miles in one go I’ll take advantage of the 24hr virtual window and break it up into several sessions, some run, more walked. That’s if I still feel OK tomorrow. My major target is now the Yorkshire Marathon in two weeks.

As for the source of our contagion, prime suspect is the Sunday night wedding gig where lots of people were packed into a merely medium-sized room. Keyboards wizard Richard felt ropey on Monday but passed a PCR test; another is in the pipeline as he still feels unwell. As for drummer Duncan, nothing’s been heard from him so either he’s out having too good a time or prostrate in his bed.

Out playing again, it felt inevitable that sooner or later we’d succumb, just as several other bands have. The rock and roll life is lived on the edge.

Comment from BikerMike at 08:27 on 03 October 2021.
You might be aware of a nasty cold that has been running around for some time. I caught it a couple of months ago when visiting daughter in Hastings and beat a hasty retreat home dreading the worst but never tested positive for Covid. The cold lasted over 2 weeks and was the worst I can remember having.

Good Luck!
Comment from Russell at 12:19 on 03 October 2021.
No, it's positive, as are two other band members. One result still to arrive. We were lucky for a while.
Comment from BikerMike at 07:37 on 04 October 2021.
Oh Bugger!
Comment from Russell at 09:18 on 04 October 2021.
Comment from Soo at 14:54 on 06 October 2021.
I hope you are ok, Emma & Lynsey have both had Covid only mild as they were both double jabbed. Hopefully you will be the same. xxx
Comment from Russell at 17:10 on 06 October 2021.
Just about over it now. Was more like a cold.

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