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The Best Laid Plans...

by Russell Turner - 17:38 on 07 September 2021

“You never regret a run,” says the running world, and “You always feel better after a run.” Not today – today’s long run was rubbish and my hopes of a new marathon PB are fading.

The plan today was 18 miles at a 6:1 run/walk – three loops of the regular six-mile circuit that begins and ends outside The Rural Retreat. Yesterday’s short mixed tempo session had gone well, and I felt like I’d caught up with sleep and rest after the busy two-gig weekend, so although I knew effort would be involved I expected to complete the run, taking maybe 3:15.

The reality was different. After less than three miles, at pretty much my average pace, I was struggling. Even the two-mile downhill section that followed didn’t help. I diverted from the circuit, knowing that I’d not get past the Retreat without going in, but by seven miles I was thinking of giving up. Coming up to nine miles I was certain I would but managed to keep going into double figures, which looked a little more respectable.

And that’s where I finished, eight miles short of my target. I could have gone back out later and completed the distance after rest, food and a nice sit-down if energy and will had returned. Neither did. Next week’s run, up to the taper, should be 20 miles; I’ll aim for 16 and see if I’ve anything left after that.

A day that was warmer than I initially realised didn’t help (19º compared with the 11º for last year’s PB run) and maybe I’ve still not recovered from the late-night return trip to Wick. My time for the 10 miles was 1:46, which is what I’d expect for a training run; the effort it took wasn’t.

So my hopes of a PB triumph at the Loch Ness Marathon have taken a severe knock: finishing in less than six hours currently seems like a big ask. With luck, autumn and some cooler days will come to my rescue.

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