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Creaking In The Cold

by Russell Turner - 16:41 on 06 January 2021

My latest training schedule may last only four weeks but it could be a tough one. It began yesterday with six 2min intervals bookended by 2.5-mile warm-up and cool-down which added up to 7.7 miles on a chill but fortunately windless day.

Today’s effort was six ‘easy’ miles in 0ºC. I didn’t feel the cold – another windless day helped – but the going was anything but easy: frosty days are good for short runs but averaging six miles an hour is much more comfortable in soft, mild air. Icy patches and tractors were no help either.

But I finished, and – as Matchgirl reminded me – I’ve had some time off so I’m currently getting back to race fitness (such as it ever was). Hopefully, by the end of the week I’ll once again be a running machine, although at the moment I feel in need of oiling and some cogs replaced. To get there, I’ve 3-4 fast miles tomorrow (although I doubt that any 5k records will be broken), a rest day on Friday, 6-8 easy miles on Saturday including some hills, and a 6-7-mile easy long run on Sunday. That’s around 25 miles in the cold. Give me summer running any day.

Better news is that I’ve found a respectable medal as a target for my 10k record-breaking hopes. It’s offered by Lonely Goat Running Club – the online running club for runners who don’t like running clubs. (Sponsor Wiggle is an online running store.) I’ve signed up for the distance, which is free. If I complete it to my satisfaction I can buy an optional medal to mark a new PB; if I don’t, I can forget about it and pay nothing: much better value than most virtual races.

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