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Counting Down The Days

by Russell Turner - 16:28 on 17 October 2019

Just three days to the Yorkshire Marathon. Today I completed my final training run before the big day: a speedy three miles – much speedier than I’ll be able to sustain on the day, but running fast now should make running sensible feel easier. That’s the theory, anyway.

My race plan is set; the weather forecast currently shows dry. What could possibly go wrong?

Matchgirl, I’m happy to say, will also be in race action, in the Yorkshire 10 Mile – her latest stepping stone on the road to full running recovery – accompanied by Triathlon Cathy. Whether her triumph in Chicago, less than a week ago, will make Cathy fast or slow in York remains to be seen.

All that’s left to do now is pack running gear for all weathers (because anything could happen on the day, as last year’s deluge proved) and enough real clothing for five days away. Stand-in carers are arranged to keep The Pride in the luxury to which it’s accustomed.

It’s been a long year of training, with one other marathon, three halves and a 10k along the way, but it should be worth it. Then I can tick over until December 31, when the new training schedule which ends with the Edinburgh Marathon begins. This might (City Limits – and finance – permitting) encompass four halves, four 10ks and a 10-miler, plus long training runs closer to home.

Looks like I’m hooked.

Strictly Update: I’m still uncertain who I’m following this year, although it would be good to see Anton win at last, but we’ll see some of the contenders in the flesh in February thanks to complimentary tickets supplied by the Hydro following my complaint about poor sight lines this year. I didn’t moan in the hope of a freebie but I’m not turning it down.

Comment from Cathy at 08:51 on 18 October 2019.
You do more marathon training than I do!!
Comment from Russell at 14:59 on 19 October 2019.
But I don't swim, cycle or go to the gym!

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