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A New Face In The Garden

by Russell Turner - 21:07 on 09 July 2019

After two days of catching up with friends and family I have a quiet night at the Redesdale Arms near Otterburn (highly recommended) before the last leg of the journey home tomorrow – where there’s been unexpected garden action.

Two nights ago Matchgirl was drawn to the living room window (I’ve still to learn why) and used her iPhone to capture, as best she could in gloomy conditions, an image of the latest wildlife to set foot in the garden: a fox.

Even more surprising was the laid back interest showed by Maia, who’s usually the most territorial member of The Pride.

After consulting with Professor Google, Matchgirl set her mind at rest regarding the threat to cats from Reynard. Cats usually come off best, it seems. Better still, the scrawny nature of the visitor suggests a chance that it may be Mrs Reynard, underweight after producing cubs.

Eggs and nuts have been left out to encourage a return (as we don’t have any live chickens). Both have gone by the morning, but as Matchgirl’s unable to operate the Bushnell we’ll have to wait until I’m home to find out what’s been making a meal of them. Very exciting.

Half Marathon Round-up: My official time was 2:19:52 – an improvement of three seconds on my Garmin time. Every little helps. I was 59th of 72 in my age group (55-64), 944th male and 1,354th finisher out of 1,636 (plus eight non-finishers). Mo still has no reason to worry.

Comment from BikerMike at 08:01 on 10 July 2019.
Similar for badgers & cats. They leave each other alone.
Comment from Russell at 22:39 on 10 July 2019.
I've a Bushnell pic of Maia ignoring a badger. If it had been Percy there'd have been big trouble.

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