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No Time To Rest

by Russell Turner - 20:50 on 18 February 2019

Matchgirl is home, but that’s not the reason that peace has fled The Rural Retreat. The whirlwind began on Friday, when I found myself in sole charge of The Pride, two hyperactive kittens in a nearby house, and one elderly ginger tom in the house next to that. It’s half term.

I’d been warned to feed Leo and Rafi first, so they wouldn’t steal Percy’s food, but not that I’d have to pen them in the porch so I could prepare their dishes without shrieking mini-mogs leaping four feet into the air to grab half-emptied packets.

I’d also been informed that Percy is an outdoor cat, and that I should put him out after feeding, but he seemed hugely reluctant to leave the comfort of bed and sofa. As his owners furnish him with neither litter tray nor cat-flap I had to turf him out after a while, but he enjoyed a few stolen hours of indoor enjoyment.

Saturday morning was filled with the first 10-mile run of the current marathon programme, covered in 1:45 with a mere two-minute walk break (downhill) while I slurped an energy gel. The evening found City Limits at an Invergordon wedding dance and much of the next day at the Eden Court Wedding Fair, where we played to whoever wandered into the room we’d been allocated. This was a strange situation to be in but we ended up with a page of email addresses of people wanting more details and at least one firm booking for next year.

Then home to more cat-wrangling.

Today should have been a lie-in and a rest, but that was scuppered by the triple whammy of cats to feed, an impending Chatterbox deadline, and the arrival of Mr Plumber and his two mates to strip bare the bathroom, which they did without too much drama. The Pride would disagree.

The new furnishings will be installed tomorrow; the bath’s already in, its predecessor removed whole accompanied by much “to me, to you”-ing on the landing. I stayed out of it in the computer room.

So tomorrow’s 40-minute easy run will be a restful break, the only downside being that next door, where we have temporary bathroom and shower facilities, is freezing. Percy would still rather be indoors there, though. Poor puss.

Comment from Soo at 12:06 on 20 February 2019.
Oh, the joys of cat-sitting. The Pride always behave so well when we look after them, and snuggle up with us on an evening on the sofa. We are looking forward to April :))

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