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A Helping Hand From Adam

by Russell Turner - 21:58 on 19 February 2018

Adam The Physio is one of the tireless team that Matchgirl credits with turning her into a Running Queen, so it was a generous gesture when, two days after running 18 miles and eager for his attention, she gave up part of her appointment time today so he could examine my leg.

His conclusion, after some massage and pinching and probing, was that almost-cramp is not to blame; rather, I’ve strained the radial flux capacitor – one of the calf muscles. Maybe that wasn’t the name but unlike real runners I don’t know more anatomy than consultant surgeons and have detailed knowledge of all the ways it can fail.

The prospects are good. It’s only one muscle and with applications over the next few days of heat, cold and arnica should recover quickly if allowed to rest. If it feels good by Friday I could do a steady 30 minutes then. Otherwise, it might be next Wednesday, what with City Limits being out twice at the weekend then heading to Glasgow on Monday for the Scottish Wedding Awards.

Adam approved that I avoid day-after-gig running but went further, saying I should treat gigs as exercise and stretch afterwards and maybe put back long runs if there’s been a particularly hectic weekend. Insufficient stretching is one possible cause of my strain. However, as there were several others it will have to be classed as Just One Of Those Things.

Matchgirl says that this is the stage in marathon training – several weeks in and the mileage rising – when imbalances in the body begin to take a toll. As the offending leg has a slight twist, the legacy of a long-ago motorcycle accident, I’d suspected it might be my Achilles heel. So to speak. Despite that there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go on to cover the 26.2 miles.

Earlier, Matchgirl and I enjoyed our relaxing stay at Boath House – still our favourite posh hotel, and the food no worse for it having surrendered its Michelin star so the chef could relax. You really ought to try it.

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