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A Marathon Month

by Russell Turner - 16:51 on 26 December 2017

Today I completed my first marathon. Woo hoo! Admittedly, it’s taken almost a month, made up of runs ranging from 28 to 37 minutes, but sometime this morning I passed 26.2 miles run in December. There are two more runs in the first week of the Virgin Money London Marathon training schedule so by the end of the month I’ll have clocked up between 30 and 35 miles run, plus some walking time.

“Base miles are important,” states the author of the training plan, so I’ll probably do the optional fourth run too, which will (if completed) set a new non-stop running record of 40 minutes. The one-hour run draws closer.

No running took place yesterday, although it did impinge a little on The Big Day. My gifts to Matchgirl were two books that will help her get to know the South Downs, her ultra destination in May. A holiday is sure to be included in her trip – one I’ll miss because the bike club is on Orkney that weekend. We couldn’t get much further apart inside the UK.

Her gifts to me included my first running gels (which I won’t need for at least a month), some nifty gizmos that hold a running number in place without safety pins (which I won’t need until the marathon), and some grippy things to add to running shoes so that snow or ice can’t be used as excuses not to go out (which I hope I won’t need at all).

As for the day itself, tradition ruled: smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels for breakfast and festive veggie lasagne for Christmas dinner. I think I needed the run today.

Comment from Cathy at 18:54 on 26 December 2017.
You’ll need the gizmos for all the races you’ll be doing as part of your marathon training! 😀
Comment from Russell at 20:57 on 26 December 2017.
Any suggestions?

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