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Back On The Road

by Russell Turner - 16:26 on 06 December 2017

I feared that after two weeks of not running, and my chest not yet completely clear of lurgi, I might struggle to get back into athletic action. This appears not to be the case.

Yesterday I donned the shorts and set out with the cautious ambition of running four sets of five minutes with one-minute walks, but by the end I felt fresh enough to add another five minutes’ running. The fact that my pace was (unintentionally) the slowest yet displayed by my Garmin may have been a factor in the unexpected ease of performance.

My plan was for another run tomorrow, but forecasts of rain and 60+mph wind were not attractive so I broke the rules and went out again this morning, clad for the first time in running tights. Passing motorists didn’t laugh (that I could see, anyway) so I must have looked like a proper marathoneer, even if my pace was still derisory. Matchgirl would have approved.

This time my aim was 4x7mins with one-minute walks – achieved despite more breeze than yesterday, and with increased pace for an extra few minutes at the end. All being well, and snow permitting (that’s forecast for Friday), by the end of next week I’ll be back to the 30-minute non-stop run level I reached before illness and Italy intervened.

Then it’s on to the marathon training schedule, which ends Week Four with a run/walk of 90 minutes or 6-8 miles – presumably whichever you get to first. This feels very ambitious, but so did 30 minutes non-stop a few weeks ago. I remain optimistic.

I would have resumed my running on Monday, but that was set aside for distribution of the latest Chatterbox, which features mature ladies behaving disgracefully.

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