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Breaking The Silence

by Russell Turner - 18:09 on 29 October 2017

I’ve not been rendered incommunicado by a running-related injury – it’s just been a few busy days, further complicated by the welcome arrival of Richard the Houseguest on Friday. So, to catch up:

Rick Wakeman, in Durham’s Gala Theatre on Wednesday night, was as entertaining as the gig in Wavendon, even if there was little (if any) change to his setlist, jokes and tales. The man is a genius, and worth many miles and much expense, Virgin Trains included.

I returned home on Thursday disinclined to make my next training run, which took place first thing on Friday. Much panting ensued – I still find it difficult to regulate my pace, although I’m trying – however the result was a satisfactory 3.69 miles in 45 minutes, 25 of those at the run. This pales into insignificance alongside Matchgirl’s 18 miles today, but I am still on week three of my couch to 5K programme. Slow and steady.

City Limits took to the stage at Johnny Foxes in the evening, and again the following night with Richard as an interested observer of both the band and the locals in Halloween fancy dress. He enjoyed both. This might have been our best gig there, so he picked a good night to visit. It was also, I realised today, the third anniversary of my joining the band. Time flies.

Two late nights and little sleep on the first one (how can Matchgirl and one cat take up so much space?) made a training run inadvisable today so the end of my third week will be tomorrow when I have to run four lots of five minutes broken by four minutes of walking. Most of the day was spent with good books, and tonight we grace Sutor Creek with our presence. It’s a hectic life.

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