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Tough Times For Tabbies

by Russell Turner - 19:25 on 12 September 2017

Life can be hard for tabby cats. For a long time, Pandora has been the odd one out in The Pride’s three’s-a-crowd set-up. She’s barely tolerated by Maia, who rebuffs all her friendly advances, sometimes with cuffing and hisses. Even Willow, despite being smaller, has been known to make an unprovoked leap on a cat doing nothing more challenging than making use of the living room scratching post.

Pandora spends more time outdoors than the rest of The Pride, so it seems doubly unfair that even there she’s bullied by ferocious felines. Last night, the sound of a hurriedly thrust open cat-flap announced the arrival of a panting puss who then stared through the window to the bottom of the garden.

I joined her, and through the dusky gloom was able to make out the distinctive white chest of Mystery Moggy, who until causing a similar rumpus a couple of days ago had been absent for quite some time. The brazen beast refused to move, even when I opened the door to tell him (I assume) that he’s not welcome. He didn’t move until I shut the door and returned to give some comfort to our fearful feline, upon which he turned a contemptuous tail and sauntered into the wilderness.

Mystery Moggy 2

Mystery Moggy – where he comes from is a mystery.

The tabby’s troubles were not over today. Raised voices took me into the garden where I saw a ruffled-coated Pandora fleeing from Willow, who as usual had an excess of energy – some of which I burned off by taking The Pride for a walk, followed by a few Dreamies. Everyone was happy after that. Let’s hope it lasts.

Pandora 18

Pandora – how could anyone be mean to the cat with Puss in Boots eyes?

Comment from BikerMike at 06:12 on 13 September 2017.
Get a water pistol. Works wonders.
Comment from Russell at 07:34 on 13 September 2017.
It works for five minutes!

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