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Going Viral

by Russell Turner - 17:22 on 24 February 2017

I knew it was only a matter of time before City Limits went viral. Shame it wasn’t in quite the way I’d hoped.

As previously reported, Sam and Keith made a bug-laden appearance at Jacko’s last Saturday, during which (I presume) they passed on their disease to me. I fought it until yesterday when their combined superbug proved too much for a system weakened by hard work on Kitty and Chatterbox. Sleep was difficult to come by thanks to the sorest throat I’ve ever experienced.

Today I’m proper poorly, Jenna is too, and Sam tells us he has still much recuperation to make. Only Keith seems to be emerging from the mists of malady. Suspiciously, two members of his other band are stricken but he claims that the virus is sweeping the Highlands and it’s nothing to do with him. Hmm… Maybe it’s as well that we don’t have another gig until March 31.

I’ll need to be in rude health well before that though – the long-anticipated Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman gigs are on March 22 and 24, although I wouldn’t miss them even if I had ebola. Fingers crossed that Messrs AR and W can stay healthy in the meantime and that another storm doesn’t close the transport network the day before.

Matchgirl has alternated between concern for me and fear of infection herself, manifested by covering her mouth and nose with a blanket whenever I cough, although her nursely ministrations did lead her to the purchase (for me) of Strepsils and medicinal biscuits. It’s an ill wind.

Literary Update: …But nothing to do with my publishing empire. Tony Hawks, author of Round Ireland With A Fridge and several other brilliantly humorous tomes, is crowdfunding a sequel, Once More Unto The Fridge. I’ve paid in advance and my name will appear in the back of the book along with other subscribers (including Satan himself, Andy Hamilton). Tell your friends – this new book deserves publicity.

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