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The Call Of The Kazoo

by Russell Turner - 21:56 on 15 June 2016

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue was as good as we'd hoped. Barry Cryer, Fred MacAulay, Susan Calman and Tony Hawks were given silly things to do by Jack Dee, assisted by Colin Sell and Samantha and an audience armed with hundreds of kazoos.

The queue to get inside the Pavilion Theatre (its members, it can't be denied, mainly of a more mature persuasion) trailed halfway down Renfield Street and everyone emerged, three hours later, with silly grins, some still blowing their kazoos. Fantastic.

The first of the two shows is to be broadcast on July 2. Listen carefully and you'll hear Matchgirl and me laughing. And in the second you'll hear us contributing to the massed kazoo band rendition of Amazing Grace.

We returned north next day after another sumptuous Hilton breakfast – recommended for both choice and quality – to collect three cats who'd failed to pine away in our absence, although Maia had improved her hissing skills.

In a bid to reduce feline shouting, inside the car we set The Pride free from its carriers – an experiment hastily rethought after Willow attempted to take control of the steering wheel during travel. They settled after a while, Matchgirl seated in the rear to keep The Fearless Ones from moving forward, although the volume of protest was still high. Maia occupied the driver's lap, making little movement and only the occasional grumble that clearly asked "Are we nearly there yet?"

Back at The Rural Retreat, food came first followed by an urgent patrol of the area to make sure that nothing untoward had happened during fifty-six hours' absence. Nothing had – until today when rain and vicious wind lashed the garden. It's good to be back.

Book Update: The Pride was housed at Copperfield Cattery in Kirkhill, near Inverness – and which now offers A Cat Called Tess for sale. It's a very fine place.

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