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Ready To Ride

by Russell Turner - 17:01 on 26 March 2016

There was further proof of spring's arrival when Kawasaki San emerged blinking into the sunlight yesterday following almost six months' hibernation in the garage where he's allowed to shelter through the goodwill of Rory, its owner. I hadn't planned to release him, but Rory needed access so the GTR was wheeled outside and, fingers crossed, I hit the start button.

The news was good – after a few coughs and splutters the engine fired up. The Optimate trickle charger had done its job over the winter.

Enthused by this success, I unearthed the leathers (which still fit) and set off to Dingwall to fill a petrol tank unwisely left almost empty. The lack of wisdom was made plain after a few miles when Kawasaki San began to splutter, even after a switch to the reserve tank.

I abandoned Dingwall as a destination, unwilling to find myself stranded at the roadside when Matchgirl was out running, and headed back to The Rural Retreat. Almost immediately, the bike began to behave himself, and a few miles later I reverted to Plan A. More fool me.

The spluttering began again on Cromarty Bridge and the engine died on the roundabout. It was revived, after a few failed attempts, by a touch of choke and thereafter caused no more problems. A tankful of Tesco's best unleaded completed the treatment and Kawasaki San returned home without any more drama.

My guess is that condensation and/or gunk disagreed with carburettors or fuel pipes. Fresh petrol and a blast on the way back should have cleared Kawasaki San's head and left him ready to face his MOT in a few weeks. When he'll run again before then is uncertain. The Rain Gods must have noticed him out because today the week-long dry spell ended. Such is life.

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