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High Times In The Hebrides

by Russell Turner - 14:03 on 21 December 2015

Mad Friday turned out to be Moderate Friday in the Bandstand Bar in Nairn. Maybe the regulars had gone to Inverness for the start of the party season, or the rival attraction in the community centre was too big a draw. Whatever, City Limits' gig there was well received by an only medium-size crowd.

A couple of punters did maintain the Mad Friday traditions, including one guy who'd celebrated so well that he fell down across Keith's pedal board, cutting off our rendition of Don't You Want Me Baby. That was a particular shame considering the discordant effort it had taken to get it started – I was sure I was playing in A but it turned out to be B. Or maybe G.

The drunk became even drunker (as drunks are wont to do) and later in the night decided to undress, causing Keith such trauma that he forgot to start his solo.

The following night, our Hebridean debut at the Portree Hotel was much better: lots of people, lots of dancers (all female apart from one grandad dancer), a good sound and dextrous playing. Even the fact that the rhythm section was separated from the singers by a wooden partition (we had to set up in a small corner) didn't faze us.

Shania and Dolly proved especially popular, as did our festive specials, and there was the added bonus of an unexpectedly familiar face in the crowd – Barbel the Cromarty potter, in town staying with friends. It's a small world in the Highlands.

The management was happy so with luck we'll be back. With even more luck, then I'll get to stay in a room on the top floor. The crowd thronged the pavements long after chucking out time, which meant sleep was a while coming.

There was only one down side to the gig – I missed the Strictly final, which I caught up on yesterday afternoon after a drive home that began in gales and driving rain. Skye's not called The Misty Isle for nothing.

Literary Update: Stuart finally had his day in the Ross-shire Journal on Friday; sales continue to be brisk. A second print run will be organised soon.

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