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A Contented Cat

by admin - 21:39 on 04 June 2015

As predicted, the barrier I raised to prevent cheese-hunters from gaining access to our neighbour's premises had been torn down overnight. Whether Maia was the culprit, and whether more comestibles were purloined, is impossible to say, but the circumstantial evidence is against her.

This morning, our permanently hungry cat had the laid back air of a moggy who's made peace with the world. The usual frantic yowls for breakfast were restrained. Contentment oozed out of her. She even rolled over and allowed her belly to be tickled during a hard morning's napping on our bed – a most unMaialike attitude. This was a seriously happy and satisfied puss.

Matchgirl deputed to me the job of informing Rory, our neighbour, about the larcenous goings-on in his home – news he took with a sang froid that rivalled Maia's.

“Yes, I've seen her in here a few times,” he told me. “But she always runs away.”

When this information was repeated, Matchgirl was horrified: despite doing her best to raise The Pride as responsible and respectable members of society, Maia is not just a criminal, she's a repeat offender. The shame.

But for a week, control of The Burnside Burglar is not our problem. Soo and Tony are now in charge (especially if, as Matchgirl fears, excessive cheese consumption leads to a constipated cat). Matchgirl and I are en route for Grasmere, overnighting in the Abingdon Services Days Inn after a scenic and sometimes rainy day on the A82. This may not be an exciting place to spend the night (although the hills in all directions are impressive and the sky is now clear) but it means we're below the Central Belt, the worst of the driving is out of the way, and the holiday can begin in earnest.

Unless we're called home by the police to bail out a felonious feline.

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