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A Good Day In The Garden

by admin - 20:54 on 10 April 2015

Spring rain followed by a few days of good weather means that plant life in The Rural Retreat's garden is springing up all around us.

The good news is that primula of several varieties (but mostly yellow) has spread like wildfire beneath the willow tree, and in the smaller bed foliage seems to double in size every day, promising lots of poppies and other flora whose names I can't remember. I'm not a botanist. But they're very colourful when they're out and worth the wait.

The bad news is that grass, weeds, random brambles and wild raspberries are also flourishing. And the first baby knotweeds are peeking out.

After two days, mowing is now complete but lots of weeding is still required if docks and dandelions are to be prevented from running riot. Tomorrow, when the weekend's forecast bad weather sweeps in from the west (snow? really?), I'll regret not having done more in the sun.

At least inclement conditions might slow down The Pride. Several lizards have been returned to the wild, most minus their tails, and the corpses of several shrews, voles and mice left where pine martens will find them. Even lethargic Maia brought home an ex-vole, which suggests that the population is booming. Spring is here.

Financial Update: The Great Northern Media Empire has not forgotten me. Several years after we parted company, today an unexpected mystery payment (a very modest one, sadly) landed in my bank account with no explanation. My local GNoME contacts were unable to throw light on the matter. I'll assume it's a recently discovered back payment and stay quiet. However, if there's another next month I'd better make enquiries in case I'm depriving a lowly hack of (a small portion of) his income.

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