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Lethargy, Tudors And Martens

by admin - 18:04 on 10 February 2015

Ten days gone in February and this is the month's first blog post. Disgraceful. I could blame The Pride, which prefers to be indoors; or Chatterbox, which keeps me occupied and will do for another week or so; or a general lack of exciting news and activities.

The truth, of course, is that I've been lazy, not helped by Matchgirl's recent purchase of the latest Shardlake novel which sent me back to re-read CJ Sansom's earlier Tudor epics. Much better than Wolf Hall – am I the only one who couldn't read it but wouldn't miss the TV adaptation?

Snappery continues to be more of an aspiration than a fact, but after splashing out £4.25 on a set of 'dumb' extension tubes to go with an old 50mm manual lens there may be some serious macro work in the offing, as long as I can handle a 2mm depth of field. It's a challenge.

An unexpected snappery-related request came today in an email from The Woodland Trust which asked very nicely if it could use one of my martens on a postcard to be handed out at the shows and events it will attend this year. "On the back, will be all our web links to our free trees packs, outdoor learning educational material, info about woods to visit and the general work that we do," they said.

Pine Marten 2

The pine marten portrait favoured by The Woodland Trust

No money will change hands, but it's a worthwhile charity and I'll get my name and website on the card so who knows what may come of it.

Marten 1

With luck, hope of fame will encourage martens to defy Mystery Moggy (who's still about) and make more daylight calls this year. They still enter the garden after dark, as the Bushnell proved at two-thirty last night (see above). 2012 was the last year that martens kept me busy during the day. It must be time for a change.


Comment from bikermike at 07:53 on 11 February 2015.
And I thought you had fallen off the edge of the earth and was about to make inquiries! ;-)
Comment from Russell at 09:33 on 11 February 2015.
I'll try to do better.

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