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Back On Stage (Again)

by admin - 18:16 on 26 October 2014

My debut with City Limits went as well as could be expected considering the lack of rehearsal: a few (well, more than a few) fret discrepancies; the occasional memory lapse; one or two flounderings when both came together. But I got away with it, the other band members didn't sack me on the spot, and future prospects look good. Some of the twenty-first birthday crowd at the Crown Court Hotel in Inverness even had praise for us.

The hotel's function room is large, so it's a shame that guest numbers were low and the atmosphere consequently not very inspiring, even with the band's impressive lighting system doing its best. Also impressive is the band's PA gear – the sound quality and balance was great.

A bonus was that because the clocks went back I had an extra hour to recover. As I'm twice as old as the next-oldest band member that's not a bad thing.

The party gig was always going to be just a paid prologue. Next Saturday's appearance at the Bandstand Bar in Nairn will be the real start of my City Limits career, so a lot more practice will be needed this week before (all being well) a proper full-band rehearsal on Friday. Work is about to begin on the next Chatterbox too – it could be a busy week.

Garden Update: My handy RSPB bird book tells me that jays are not to be found in the Highlands, so the one I spotted this morning – the first to be seen at The Rural Retreat – was either the vanguard of an invasion force or had been blown north by recent gales. He didn't hang around long enough for me to get a snap. With luck he'll be back.

Feline Update: The return to GMT has caused predictable confusion amongst The Pride. Maia is particularly baffled, as is her tummy clock which lets her know when feeding time is imminent. The next few days could be long and filled with yowling cats.

Comment from Soo at 16:01 on 27 October 2014.
If you go back to your June 11 2014 entry
Deaths and Entrances
could the bird in question be a Jay? I just thought the blue markings look a possibility the bird and the length of it's legs.
So you my have taken a photo of one before and not known it!
Comment from Russell at 17:59 on 27 October 2014.
You could be right. Pesky cats.

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