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A Bad Week For The Pride

by admin - 17:14 on 20 May 2014

Cats are creatures of habit and routine, so this is not a good week for The Pride.

Willow, although still not as hungry as normal, is back to her sprightly self so she can't understand why the cat-flap exit is locked, why she has to wear the cone of shame when unsupervised, and why she has to spend her evenings imprisoned in the puppy crate.

Pandora now appears to be suffering from the same malady that laid Willow low. She's lethargic, uninterested in food, unwilling to be touched and spends most of the day curled up in a basket in the kitchen window. Apart, that is, from the time she was seen running through the garden with a vole in her jaws - no-one ever said cats were consistent.

Maia, untouched by illness, has her usual huge, unsatisfied appetite but even less tolerance than normal of her feline chums, especially the one in the plastic bonnet, more especially when Matchgirl's tempting jaded palates with titbits our black moggy is not allowed to sample. It's so unfair.

Matchgirl escaped to work today, leaving me in charge – not easy when I'm trying to get Chatterbox back on schedule and Willow wishes to assume her favourite snoozing position, draped over my left arm.

The Grey Streak paid another visit to Dr Death's this morning where her stitches were examined and declared to be in good condition. At least Pandora won't require exploratory surgery (we hope), although Dr Vet did create a small cloud of gloom by suggesting that our two younger moggies should be checked for feline AIDS and leukaemia. I'm optimistic; Matchgirl is pessimistic. We'll see.

And outside, while I'm stuck in front of the Mac, the sun is shining and Kawasaki San remains unused. As does the Pentax. And the lawnmower. By the time Chatterbox is ready to be printed The Pride will be able to hide in the grass whenever a cat carrier is prepared for another journey.

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