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Moles In La Mola

by admin - 09:14 on 15 May 2014

PhotoActive Philip had promised that La Mola, the increasingly ruined fort that guards the entrance to Mahon harbour, would be the highlight of the week. He was right. Imagine Fort George, but bigger and deserted, and you get the idea.

Its attraction isn't the views or the ruins. What draws photographers (and snappers) there are the underground passageways lit by natural light through small embrasures designed for muskets. Put a camera on a tripod, use a long exposure and the results are impressive. I would have been happy to spend a lot longer there.

Not everyone saw the fort. Carol became the group's second casualty when struck down by a dose of “not feeling very well”. An earlier incapacitee was Philip himself who's struggled this week with a dodgy tendon, which led to cancellation of the previous day's night photography instruction. As I don't have the required flashgun that caused me little sadness.

La Mola occupied us yesterday afternoon. In the morning we had a viewing of the best of each other's work so far at which the plucky Pentax held its own against the massed battery of hefty Canons.

In the evening, before dinner, I was the only volunteer for a snappery session with the horde of bridge players who compete morning, afternoon and evening all week. It takes all sorts. As this was a bonus event I brought out the 50mm prime again, with passable results. I'm getting more attached to my little friend.

And suddenly it's the last full day, with no official activities, so breakfast was more leisurely than usual. Shopping is an option today but I'll pass in favour of a final wander around S'Algar before tonight's final slap-up dinner and drinks party at which the very best of each other's work will be shown. The wind's dropped and skies are blue too. It will be a shame to leave – only the thought of seeing Matchgirl (and The Pride) again stops me from being too downcast. Home is where the heart is.

Comment from Cathy at 19:28 on 15 May 2014.
Oh yes, La Mola was just wonderful. I went back with Paul (who was a non-photography group member) for even more photos. And I remember having great fun snapping the bridge players as well! Glad you've had such a good time.
Comment from Russell at 22:34 on 15 May 2014.
Too lazy to go back today. I'll regret it tomorrow. Definitely a place to explore.

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