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Pedro, Pedro, And The End Of The Day

by admin - 21:37 on 12 May 2014

Another day of sun and blue skies began (after a restrained breakfast) with a visit to Old Pedro, who keeps a smallholding not far away and is one of PhotoActive Philip's tame snappees. When you see the snaps (just be patient) you'll understand why Philip likes him – his face is filled with character.

He's also very patient – useful when half-a-dozen people are poking cameras up your nose and urging you this way and that.

The next tame snappee was Younger Pedro, a carpenter who makes all the rustic olive wood gates seen all over the island. This was a nervous shoot for me because I brought out the 50mm prime whose focussing capabilities I've doubted. The dim workshop demanded something with a wide aperture and as I'm not part of the EOS MkIII f2.8 17-100mm club I had to take a chance.

I can now confirm that the lens works fine, as several decent low-light shots testify. Several more confirm that its user is to blame for poor operation at shallow depth of field. I'll persevere.

As most of us are now suffering from calorie overload a light lunch was taken in S'Algar square before siesta then a gathering of the group for an assessment of progress so far. We seem to be doing OK – even those of us without fancy Canon gear.

Dinner was taken early to allow the group to reach Calas Fons before sunset and learn how to shoot in mixed light after the sun has sunk below the horizon. My chunky Manfrotto tripod that I'd disassembled to fit into my hold luggage, and reassembled after arrival at the hotel, acquitted itself well. Its weight proved no problem thanks to the addition of a carrying strap.

Daylight died over Calas Fons as man-made lights appeared and chatter from shoreside bars drifted across the rippling water. A peaceful end to the day.

Comment from Cathy at 07:21 on 13 May 2014.
Loving your Menorca blogs, Russell. Bringing back memories of warmth, sunshine, fun, friendly locals - and food! And a rather strong gin and tonic one evening - I have a Menorcan gin bottle keyring charm to remind me!
Comment from Russell at 17:07 on 13 May 2014.
Too much food and drink. I'll be glad to be home!

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