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Through A Glass Darkly

by admin - 16:48 on 01 February 2014

For a while I've blamed fading sight or poorly functioning focus in the Pentax for an inability to to see things sharply through the lens. Composition becomes more of a chore under such circumstances, so I'll blame that for a recent lack of enthusiasm for all things snapperish.

However, today, while attempting to observe birds through the camera, I realised that the view around the edges was as sharp as anyone could wish for – only in the centre of the viewfinder was the scene displeasing to the eye.

Closer examination of the viewfinder revealed that its glass was marked in the middle and that no amount of polishing could remove the problem. So over-vigorous cleaning with the wrong kind of cloth may have been the cause in the first place.

The good news is that I've two weeks in which to get the viewfinder replaced. The bad news will most likely be the cost or the time taken for replacement parts to make their way up the A9, which yesterday was closed by a blizzard-related accident at Drumochter Pass. I'll find out tomorrow when I take the Pentax to Ffordes in Beauly where the local experts reside.

Doubtless they'll try to persuade me to upgrade to a newer, more whizzy model, but they'll be disappointed. I'd stick with my K100D even if I could afford something more flash. After all, I've no intention of trading in Matchgirl for a newer model and we've been together about the same length of time. When something works you stick with it.


The Pentax made a brief appearance in the garden today to record further signs of approaching spring – a small clump of primroses. The lawnmower could be usefully employed soon, but only after a winter's worth of willow, birch and pine debris is cleared away. I'll maybe wait until after the next storm. And the one after that.

Growing Fast

Another digital record was captured last night to prove just how much Pandora has grown, dwarfing the (admittedly curled up) Maia who snoozed beside her. It helps that there's much less of our black cat than there used to be. Her diet is proving a huge success for she has only twenty-five grams to lose before reaching her target weight of four kilograms – a whole kilo less than her steroid-assisted top weight.

I say her target, but it was really set by Dr Vet's assistant. Maia would have been content to stay unchanged. Some cats have to be told what's best for them.

Presentation Update: My wider website means I can now include bigger snaps for your enjoyment. Lucky you.

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