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A Stranger In The Back Yard

by admin - 16:38 on 10 January 2014

The resumption of bird snappery has been held back by my efforts over the past couple of days to find new paying users for my skills in layout and design.

As yet, the result of my business drive is uncertain, so if you're in need of a tastefully designed range of publicity literature, an eye-catching brochure, help with a regular (or even an irregular) publication, or anything similar, get in touch now and beat the rush. No job too small; competitive rates.

And if you live on the Black Isle you really should support your local entrepreneur. But back to the birds...

A few long-tailed tits had been glimpsed again on a couple of occasions, both when they were about to leave, so no new snaps were to be had. However, today I saw an unexpected sight through our small, usually ignored back window – a small bird busily tearing into the five-foot-high weeds that flourished there last summer and autumn and are now dry, brown and withered but still annoyingly upright. I've been meaning to clear them for ages.

Common Redpoll 1

At first glance I believed the diner to be a siskin, but closer inspection revealed that it sported a small red cap. Our visitor was a common redpoll – the first I've seen around The Rural Retreat for well over a year. Maybe they've been lurking at the back of the cottage all the time.

Common Redpoll 2

Several snaps were snapped but (here come the excuses) a hyperactive bird, on vegetation waving wildly in a gusty wind, seen through shamefully dirty glass, meant that few survived quality control and none were hugely sharp. I don't mind – I've added a new species to my ornithological collection and know where I might find them again in future.

Common Redpoll 3

A bonus later in the day was a flock of around eight long-tailed tits feasting on the peanut feeder and the fat-filled coconut shell. I didn't know we had so many. By then the light was too dull for snappery but their presence bodes well for the future.

Time to clean windows front and back, I think, but at least I've an excuse to leave the weeds a little longer.

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