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The End Is Nigh

by Russell Turner - 22:35 on 18 May 2017

Today I received an order for ten copies of Eilean Dubh, aka The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery – the first publication by Bassman Books. But the would-be buyer – Ecoventures in Cromarty – will be disappointed. All I have to offer are four clean copies and five shopsoiled ones.

If they’re snapped up then Eilean Dubh, after six years and sales of 2,617, will be officially out of print. And because a further print run isn’t planned, existing copies will instantly become rare collectors’ items, changing hands for many times the cover price. You never know.

Also in demand today, by The Orcadian in Kirkwall, were more copies of Ben Line Man – a welcome change after a few sluggish weeks. With luck, more bookshops will soon be in touch to stock up for the summer tourists.

All I need now is another project to work on, but apart from a couple of promises for later in the year there are no further books in the offing. Times look set to be hard.

At least I’ll have a shiny new(ish) car to cheer me up, even if that’s one of the contributors to the hard times. Son of Seat made his final round trip today – to Dingwall. Tomorrow he’ll creak and groan through a one-way journey to Inverness and I’ll return at the wheel of Grandson of Seat.

Opportunities for cruising the Highlands will be limited in the short term, however. The next Chatterbox is close to completion, and now the replacement handle for the lawnmower has arrived the next job will involve taming the garden. If only there was an end in sight to that.

Pandora 83

I could have used a snap of a lawnmower. Instead, here's something more interesting – Pandora's latest portrait.

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