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...And I Would Run 500 Miles...

by Russell Turner - 16:35 on 17 July 2018

Today’s athletic endeavour saw me pass a double milestone. Three miles after setting out on my latest long run I passed 500 miles completed since the first step of my Couch to 5k programme in October last year. Then, the idea of running for 10 minutes was a challenge, but by the end of today’s effort I’d run 10 miles with no walking. Although that had been a challenge too.

Within the first mile I knew that I was having to put in more effort than for the all-run nine-miler 11 days ago (band duties make it impossible for me to keep a regular one-week schedule). Today was cooler but, if my Garmin’s weather report is to be believed, was more humid. That said, probably the biggest fitness factor was the non-stop band weekend. I’ve still not totally recovered despite a complete lack of alcohol. Absence of sleep was more telling.

At the end of Mile 9 I was only three minutes slower than at the end of the nine-miler. It felt like more. And at the end of the run I was five minutes slower than on my only other 10-miler, a run-walk in February, which was frustrating. The fresh, cool winter conditions must have been the difference.

However, I’m not complaining. I completed 10 running miles. Who’d have thought it?

Next week’s long run is a mere eight miles, then I’m back to 10 the week after. I’d considered returning to run-walk for the 10, now I’ve passed the psychological double figure barrier, but Coach Matchgirl recommends running it as she’s certain I’ll improve on today’s times. I’ll follow her advice, although I might try the eight as a run-walk just to see how it feels. I’ve not walked in a long run since May.

It’s less than 13 weeks to t’ Yorkshire Marathon. I know I can finish it; doing so in under 6:26 is the least ambitious target. Time will tell.

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