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Rosemarkie Connections: A quiet church in a remote Highland village – what could be more tranquil? What secrets could it hide? Many more than you might imagine. A winner of the Victoria Cross. The owner of a slave plantation. The lone survivor of an Afghan battle. These are just a few of the remarkable stories found inside and outside Rosemarkie Parish Church by local historian Freda Bassindale, author of Rosemarkie People and Places. There are also village tales to be told, from the comic to the tragic, but all with one thing in common – Rosemarkie Connections. Buy the book

Memories of a Ben Line Man: All the young Stuart Edmond dreamed of was a life at sea. In the 1950s that’s what he had, first as a cadet, then as an officer with the Scotland-based Ben Line. During his years aboard a succession of merchant ships he served with some memorable characters and sailed the world, only to find a wife no further away than his ancestral home of Shetland. It was a time before satellite navigation, when letters home were the main means of communication, and when Britain still ruled some of the waves – a time now gone forever... Buy the book

The Gift: Danny Tyler didn't want much - a girlfriend, a quiet life, and to watch his best mate's rock band hit the big time. Then he discovered the terrifying gift that would turn his whole world upside down. Now he's stuck in the middle of nowhere, hiding from cameras and newspaper headlines. Home feels like a million miles away. And the very last thing he needs is to fall in love... Download the book from Kindle for only £1.99.

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